Kiran K. Shrestha

Logistics Advisor

Mr. Kiran K. Shrestha is one of
the oldest names in Express industry in Nepal with an experience of more than 30
years in Express and Logistics business.

  • Mr. Shrestha started his career in DHL in 1984 while DHL had just started its
    operations in Nepal. He was one of the first staff to work in DHL and has
    played a vital role in establishing the DHL brand in Nepal. He served in DHL
    for 13 years and voluntarily retired as service manager in 1997. He also
    received DHL service award in the 9th year for his contribution. 
  • He was elected as the treasurer of Nepal (COSAN) two consecutive times from
    1998 – 2000 / 2000-2002.  
  • After retiring from DHL he started his own partnership company as an agent
    of DPEx. He attended the founder’s meeting in Bangkok and introduced
    DPEx in Nepal.
  • He was an agent of Overnite Express which was one of the largest
    Air Express operators in India. During that time he received awards as the
    highest sales agent in Nepal. 

Sandeep Upadhyaya Pangeni

Chief Technical Officer

Mr. Pangeni having an experience of more than five years on web development. His passion for IT and countless hours of hard work has enabled us to incorporate the latest technologies, so is our enacting backbone of this organization. 

Sandep Poudel

Manufacturing and Design Head

Mr. Sandep Poudel with over 10 years of experience in the field of manufacturing and designing fashion products. He has achieved his Master Degree from the central department of English literature from Tribhuvan University. With his outstanding ability of fashion, crafts and web designing skills, has proved himself to be the greatest asset of this company. His focus on quality and efficient manufacturing has made JAK’s as the producer of quality products at reasonable price.

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