Anoj Sharma
Founder / Managing Director

Anoj Sharma with his entrepreneurial spirit decided to start a new venture and hence the concept of JAK’s started.

Kushal K. Shrestha

Kushal with his experience of 15 years in Logistics has enabled us to provide National & International deliveries.

Jeevan Acharya
Founder / Director

Jeevan Sharma having background in Hospitality for 12 years has been a great asset in maintaining Customer Experience.

JAK’s started as a concept to provide Nepalese customers with an online portal for high quality products. The challenge in the prevalent online market was that there were discrepancies in the displayed pictures and the real products as a lot of pictures online were downloaded from the internet. So there was difference between customer expectation and reality. To address this issue we decided to provide pictures that we click of our physical stock, so you get what you see in the pictures. Another hurdle was that most of the times online stores are only online with no physical store with only a fb and instagram page. So we have this fledged website and also opened a store in Boudha – 6 near Boudha gate to show our presence and to add trust. You are welcome to visit our store and even try our products before you buy and it also further simplifies exchanges.

Introduction of 72 hours window request fulfillment portal:

Everyone has their own set of needs and desires, at JAK’S we not only fulfill your desires with our available products but if in case we do not have your desired item in stock we have our online request portal where you can enter your specifications of your desired fashion ware and we will confirm and deliver your product within 72 hours. This concept is quite new in Nepalese market and with the use of technology you can order your desired product from the comfort of your home or on the go, at your convenience.

The products can be either collected at our store or you can use our delivery service to get it at your doorstep in Nepal or anywhere in the world.

Delivery service in Nepal and worldwide deliveries:

With our comprehensive delivery network partners just shop with us and we can ship your products to anywhere in the world.

International purchase and gifting service:

If you are planning to send gifts to your loved one from abroad you can shop in our store and we can deliver the products to your loved one with your custom message.


To be the one of the leading and trusted brand.


Act as a point to make worldwide products available to General Nepalese customers and to distribute Nepalese products worldwide and promote Made in Nepal via JAK’s all over the world.